We are extremely proud of every one of you.

To everyone that has been on this journey so far, we are extremely proud of every one of you, we started this in January and here we are in December still going. We aimed for twenty episodes, nevertheless, we achieved eight. We had a lot of teething issues, some heartbreaking, and some learning errors, however, we just kept encouraging each one another. Nothing but love all the way.

For next year, we are taking the dream one step higher. Good news. From March 1st, we will be on a TV channel in Nigeria reaching over 3 million people each week. This is a huge challenge/dream, nevertheless, without dreams we are nothing.

Let’s all enjoy this last episode this year and look forward to 2023 with very high optimism and love. Never forget one thing. Together, we are stronger.

This is the link episode 8. https://youtu.be/efC1oLB1Iq8 | To register for the next film workshop January 15th, 2023 go at https://jreep.co.uk/product/film-workshop-blink-9/

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