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We had a great time filming ‘Blink’ episode 4

I just really need to say this about the filming workshop last night. Ronnie Jacobs: I just have to say this. Three key things happened at the film workshop yesterday, that I must talk about.   Firstly, someone paid to attend the workshop, but for the fear of failing, was drawn not to turn up. […]

Bookings for May 15th one-day film workshop are now closed.

May 15th one-day film workshop is now closed. Greetings my dear family. Please note that the bookings for . We are now taking bookings for other dates. Kindly visit www.jreep.co.uk to book. Adults & Kids welcome. No acting experience needed. How does the film workshop work: Our dream is to complete 26 short episodes of […]

Book Blink 4 Film Workshop

Booking for May 15th film workshop is now open. You can now book for our next film workshop. Limited spaces are available. Book at https://jreep.co.uk/pro…/film-workshop-may-15th-blink-5-2/ we welcome beginners.   Just come and have fun and let’s learn together. Blink 3 is scheduled for release on May 11th online. Directed by Ronnie Jacobs

How to attract sponsors to your event

How to attract sponsors to your event. Following the previous two articles relating to sponsorship, this article guides event planners on how to strategically target their events to help attract sponsorship. Simply put, what will make sponsors come to you? One thing I have noticed from experience is that hard work pays off in the end, if […]

These are the five most important things to do before you approach an event sponsor.

These are the five most important things to do before you approach an event sponsor. For any event marketer to be able to sell their ideas successfully to sponsors in these highly competitive markets, the marketer must be aware of the image/brand factor that the event possess. This enables the product (event) to be attractive […]

How to attract sponsorship to your events. Part 1 of 4.

Getting sponsorship for any events may not be an easy process, however, if you apply some basic principles and understanding, you will find it a lot easier to reach your target partners. Years ago, when I first started organising events, I would create the event concept, then print out loads of booklets, post as many […]