Monthly Archives: May 2022

Six things that people who try to be Mentally strong

As we countdown to #ChabsLondon, here are six things that people who try to be mentally strong do. So, let’s start building ourselves from within, together. They move on, not wasting time feeling sorry for themselves. They welcome change and love challenges. They stay happy not wasting time and energy on things they can not […]

Today we begin the countdown to Chabs London. 150 days to go! More committed and prepared for our biggest charity challenge ever

Every event we do must be better than the previous one. Every time we get together, we must be making a difference. The more we challenge ourselves as people the more we grow. The more barriers we overcome the further we grow. Embrace challenges and obstacles. If you remember, we had this great dream of […]

We had a great time filming ‘Blink’ episode 4

I just really need to say this about the filming workshop last night. Ronnie Jacobs: I just have to say this. Three key things happened at the film workshop yesterday, that I must talk about.   Firstly, someone paid to attend the workshop, but for the fear of failing, was drawn not to turn up. […]

Bookings for May 15th one-day film workshop are now closed.

May 15th one-day film workshop is now closed. Greetings my dear family. Please note that the bookings for . We are now taking bookings for other dates. Kindly visit to book. Adults & Kids welcome. No acting experience needed. How does the film workshop work: Our dream is to complete 26 short episodes of […]