A Circle of Circumstance

Production title: “A Circle of Circumstance”.

Synopsis: Bella is a hard-working lady who must accommodate Ivy a street wise and carefree lady. Peter, however, is in love with Bella but many influencers come between his love for Bella, his daughter Olivia, and his habits.

Characters Bio’s

Bella is a hardworking and African traditional loving lady. She protects her relationships but feels she is being used.  

Peter is a confused African man who finds himself pushed to love. He has a very calm and emotional character. Although, his fuse lights up on odd occasions.

Olivia is a 12–15-year-old child Girl full attitude. Leaving with her mum may just have made her more sensitive and care free.

Production details

‘A Circle of Circumstance’ is a Non-union and non-paid film with all COVID guidelines. Independent. 20- 28 mins long drama. 16:9 HD format. Posted 16/02/2021. Closes 06/03/2021. Date of filming April 3,4,10 &11th, 2021. Filming location: Essex. Production company Jreep at www.jreep.co.uk Executive producer and co producer Chika Brown. Casting and film Producer/director Ronnie Jacobs.