Bookings for May 15th one-day film workshop are now closed.

May 15th one-day film workshop is now closed.

Greetings my dear family. Please note that the bookings for . We are now taking bookings for other dates. Kindly visit to book. Adults & Kids welcome. No acting experience needed.

How does the film workshop work:

Our dream is to complete 26 short episodes of ‘Blink’ in season one. To be a part of any episode, book online now, as we only take limited numbers. We will then ask for your photo and short bio to assist us with matching your character to a role. It’s as simple as that. No casting or interviews. All we ask is for you to just dream and come with a positive attitude.

Our mission is to use this platform to build confidence and self belief in ourselves, by daring to do things challenging. Believing in our dreams and simply trying.

Together, there is nothing that we can not do.
So, lets just dream.