There is a Time and Season for every event.

There is a time and season for every event. Following on from our events planning series, your strategy when planning for an event should recognise the timing.

Your framework should consider the season, month, weekday and time of the day. All these factors influence the overall guest’s experience and decision making.

You need to be aware of any planned events by organisations in your strategic group, to ensure that they do not directly conflict with your event. Furthermore, your indirect competitor’s events can also impact your event. For example, a football game holding in the same area of your event will create logistical and safety challenges, as well as any Mega event scheduled.

The time of the day and day of the week plays a key role in determining what demography of guests will attend your event.

I always advise that the success of any event is a combination of getting the small things right. Remember, all events have a time and season, so get the timing right. What we do as event managers is to close the gap between customers expectations and their event experience.

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