Marketing Events. Don’t make the most common mistake.

Imagine having this great event in your head, you spend so much time planning how the venue is going to be decorated, what you going to wear, the music you would like to play and the catering. You give so much attention to the ambience and aesthetic of the event before you start thinking of the demography of the people you would like to invite, unfortunately, this is the reverse.

How to get the right set of people to come to your event (Marketing) is critical at the early stage. Knowing your target audience helps you plan the ambience, theme, and genre. Once you can identify your demography as we discussed in the previous exercise, you can then tailor your theme to fit what they would like. Not what you will like.

Many event planners fail because they impose what they like when discussing with clients, rather than getting to know more about the guests and client objectives.

Marketing is a wide topic, however, there are necessary elements you must learn that will assist you in marketing your event better.

  • Product: Your event is a service, and it must meet the need of your audience.
  • Price: You should charge what the current economic climate reflects, how much value you are adding and relative to the net-worth of your guests. Here I would like to mention, where possible, please do not plan working capital based on your event ticket sales.
  • Promotion: What is the most cost-effective channel to help reach your target market, and how will you measure that.
  • Place: Where is the event going to hold. Does it fit your target audience?


In summary, think of what type of guests you would like to attract and then build your event theme and marketing around them.

We wish you well in your events and we are always happy to help as we believe that together we can achieve anything.

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