We had a great time filming ‘Blink’ episode 4

I just really need to say this about the filming workshop last night.

Ronnie Jacobs: I just have to say this. Three key things happened at the film workshop yesterday, that I must talk about.
Firstly, someone paid to attend the workshop, but for the fear of failing, was drawn not to turn up. She eventually arrived, still short of confidence, she tried to explain to me why she may not be able to deliver, not wanting to let me down. In the end, I was so proud to see how she was encouraged by everyone.
Consequently, giving the best performance of her life. I am so proud of you dear. Our obstacles are our fears, pushing ourselves outside our boundaries is the hardest thing we can ever do. When we cross that barrier, there is nothing that we can not achieve.
Secondly, three young ladies just blew my mind. Amazingly, I just stood there smiling, watching and listening to them learning and delivering with so much fun and passion. I wish I had these opportunities when I was younger. Please, parents, encourage your kids and let them be what they want to be. The world is filled with sad people who were pushed to do what they never really loved.
And finally, I must just have to say this. The final scene was about a little boy kidnapped and locked up in a dark, filthy garage. When I first saw Buchi, I knew he had a gift, however, last night he brought tears to my eyes. He came alive at the sound of the camera. The contrast between his 1st appearance in front of the camera a few years ago and now is just mind-blowing. The emotions he showed, the reality of his acting and the ease of delivery, wao.
We started this journey out of passion and love for our dreams. JReep is growing as a film production company and the casts are growing in their dreams. Never allow anyone to tell you that your dream is a waste of time. We all make mistakes and grow from them. Please, dare to dream always.
I love you and see you all at the next film workshop. You can join this dream at www.jreep.co.uk anyone is welcome, beginners or experienced.
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