Today we begin the countdown to Chabs London. 150 days to go! More committed and prepared for our biggest charity challenge ever

Every event we do must be better than the previous one. Every time we get together, we must be making a difference. The more we challenge ourselves as people the more we grow. The more barriers we overcome the further we grow. Embrace challenges and obstacles.

If you remember, we had this great dream of going to Dubai and Milan in 2022. However, due to many challenges beyond our control, we could not make it. Consequently, this disappointment is supposed to break us, or further discourage us from hosting any further international events. However, we feel more motivated than ever. It is the disappointments we face in life that shape us. Together, there is nothing we cannot do.

The amazing Chabs family are already planning Philippines 2023 for the April school holiday. We will publish the exact dates next month so keep your diaries open. If we can’t dream, then we don’t have anything else to live for. This is the only life we have therefore, we must live it. Please give it everything. Don’t allow others to influence you negatively.

You may think that others are living a better life than you are, however, you may just be surprised. One thing I must say to you, please, stop getting into arguments about nothing. Don’t spend all your time speaking poorly about others. Remember, whatever you make happen for others, God makes happen to you also. Share love always.

God bless you my loving family. Continue to show love to one another. The Philippines, here we come.