Today I want to take time out to talk about two amazing ladies Janet Laca and Toh Beranamo.

Today I want to take time out to talk about two amazing ladies Janet Laca and Toh Beranamo, who’ve decided to face their fears and take up the challenge of putting together the June 4th #pacifrica event. Share this post if you feel the same way I do about them.I have come to know these amazing ladies for years seeing them always helping others in every way they can. I see them backstage working, stressing, and crying. Yes, crying.

I remember Janet Laca crying backstage because she deeply wanted everything to work well, for everyone to be satisfied. It was one emotional day. Nevertheless, those tears have now made her stronger and more confident to be able to face her fears to have her own show. Come on girl.I can still remember the first day Toh Beranamo Beranamo came to support our charity, it still feels like yesterday. When things were tough for us all, she stood by us and more.

I love friends who stand by you when the going is tough. Toh, it is your love for helping others that is opening a way for you today. Keep going.I must say this, however, it is never easy to start. You cannot please everyone. When you start, those that can’t start and only just dream will hate you and do and say things to hurt you. However, you just need to stay focused on what God has called you to do. Keep focused. You are not perfect; you will mess up. It’s ok to mess up. One small step at a time, we all will finally get there.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the event on Saturday. Let’s all come out this weekend to support these amazing two wonderful ladies. I believe in both of you, so keep going. No matter what happens on Saturday, it is already a success. You did it. You made it happen. I am so proud of you two and value our friendship.

Dare to dream.

God bless us all.

From Ronnie Jacobs.

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