Six things that people who try to be Mentally strong

As we countdown to #ChabsLondon, here are six things that people who try to be mentally strong do. So, let’s start building ourselves from within, together.

  • They move on, not wasting time feeling sorry for themselves.
  • They welcome change and love challenges.
  • They stay happy not wasting time and energy on things they can not control.
  • They are kind to people and never afraid to speak up.
  • They are open to taking a calculated risk on time, not procrastinating.
  • They love helping others and celebrate when other people are successful.

Every day is a blessing and a gift. Just try to get through each day smiling and showing love to one another. Nobody is perfect, we are all trying our best to be the best that we can be. So, let’s work on our mindset.

Love you always.

Ronnie Jacobs.

Save these dates.

Chabs London October 22nd, 2022. CCA Awards Night on December 10th and Chabs Philippines in April 2023. (During school holidays).