I would like to dedicate this day to a very good person, a lady with a loving and giving heart, Niyta Radia.

I would like to dedicate this day to a very good person, a lady with a loving and giving heart, Niyta Radia. I hope she does not mind me using her story as a point of encouragement for so many. Ok, here it goes.

Ronnie Jacobs message:

While filming at the weekend, at which Niyta hosted us, she made everyone to feel very welcome. I could not help but notice that she was a bit worried about her new venture, consequently, was unsure how it would all turn out. We all did our best to encourage each other through their day and it was a success. Nevertheless, what got me was when she showed me photos of her past illness and how close to being called brain dead she was. Wao.

For me, it’s a huge testimony that after going through all that, she was still able to come out to take up challenges. She was always smiling and pushing herself. I know, she may have close friends who help to push her also, however, the fact that she was able to step up and chase her dream was mind-blowing to me. For many of us out there who are in good health but decided to live in our past mistakes, allowing them to hold us back, please look at Niyta.

Use her as an inspiration and encouragement. Dreams are never easy. The things we want most in life are never easy. We must be prepared to work hard and fight for them. We were on set at 8.30AM and worked all through till about 7PM. We all did not get home till 10PM, but we loved it.

When we organise events, we work 24 hours with just 2 hours’ sleep and we love it. I am making these points to let you know that dreams are hard to achieve. A little sleep and a little slumber make you a lazy and poor person. There is always a huge reward in every labour.

So, as you look towards your future, please remember to always be filled with love and forgiveness. Do not carry loads and baggage of hate and resentment. If your friends are doing well, pray with them and celebrate them. Your time will also come for others to celebrate you.

I love you all and wish you one amazing weekend.

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