How to attract sponsors to your event

How to attract sponsors to your event.

Following the previous two articles relating to sponsorship, this article guides event planners on how to strategically target their events to help attract sponsorship. Simply put, what will make sponsors come to you?

One thing I have noticed from experience is that hard work pays off in the end, if you are consistent in what you do and work hard, ultimately, it will pay off. However, with the constant technological changes, you must now market your event smarter. We understand that we live in the numbers game, however, for events that do not yet have big numbers, we all need to learn how to market or events to get there.

Simply put, marketing is about selling and advertising. It is about finding out what the consumers want and then providing it to them. This is the corresponding technique to attract sponsorship. Find out what the sponsors need and then attract their market. Sounds simple, but that’s just it.

Before you attract a sponsor, your event must answer these three questions?

  1. Is my event concept attracting the sponsor’s target market?
  2. Does my event offer promising superior value?
  3. Is my event growing and delivering satisfaction to the sponsor’s target consumers?

With the high level of competition for sponsorship, event marketers should further streamline their events to attract niche consumers (small market segment). The more you can attract a small section of the market, the better your chances are of getting sponsorship from brands who sell to that same market. Can you think of any niche market that your event concept fits?

Focusing on a niche market gives your event a competitive advantage as you can target your marketing and reduce promotion cost. Furthermore, you may also find that your event has fewer competitors. However, you need to ensure that your event has a significant size to make it profitable for your organisation as well as attractive for the sponsors. In addition, the consumers need to have purchasing ability.

In summary, events planners must take advantage of technological trends in the industry to help them work smarter. Ensure your event attracts niche consumers, provides value for and its delivering value for the sponsors target customers. Focus your event on niche consumers to get the attention of sponsors in that market.

Enjoy your event experience.

Written by Ronnie Jacobs. 24/05/2021.

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